Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Auto Glass ***** (five stars)

This isnt exactly how I wanted to start this blog, but really how often does anything in life go the way you want it to?

As you may have read over here, my car had an unfortunate incident.

Since I had so much time waiting for the PD to show up, almost 3 hours (you can read more about my adventures with the Glendale Police Department here), I googled looking for glass repair people. I have been fortunate to never have the need of having a car window or windshield replaced, so was unaware of the process. There is a glass company at the corner of my street ( a couple of blocks down on that corner actually), but they do buildings not cars.

AutoGlass99 is the first one on the google out put so I clicked. I called the number, it went directly to a guy, who said he was out with his kids (it was a Saturday evening), but that if I put my info in the computer he would be out first thing in the morning - SUNDAY! I was stoked, he would come to me, and he would come on a SUNDAY! I typed my info in, it gave me a quote not including tax. I got a confirmation email and phone call. And bam he was here at 10:55 am Sunday morning.

When the bastard that did this broke my window, he did it really well. There was glass all the way in the back back (station wagon). Not only did this nice window man replace my window but he vacuumed my car. He did suggest that I take it to the car wash (or he noticed that I really needed it washed and figured this was a nice way of telling me), which I did and they vacuumed it again.

His service was exceptional, he stuck to the quote on the internet and he was pleasant and presentable. All in all a horrible experience was smoothed over by a nice guy.

Thank you Mr. AutoGlass99


  1. Good review. Sad, but good.

  2. What is the world coming to.

    No more house calls from doctors, but the glass guy does them....