Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Balloons

About a month before my birthday, I found Free Birthday Treats. This website links you with all the wonderful businesses in your rea that will "treat" you to a special gift for your birthday, for the week leading up to and the week after my birthday I did not pay for a single dinner. I also got a free car wash and half priced oil change and many many other treats.

One of my dinners (actually the one for Tony Roma's you can use more than once and I used it 3 times) turned into an interesting experience. I was shown to my table (I was eating alone), and just after I sat down I heard the most annoying sound. Squeak squeak, scritch squeak. I nonchalantly turned to see what it was and noticed a gentleman fashioning a balloon animal across the aisle from me. I could see the formings of a teddy bear and was fascinated, of course by now I was beyond the point of a non-calant glance and was downright staring at the man. Another diner got up the nerve to ask "What are you gonna do with that?" WIth the underlying tone of, hey can I have it? The gentleman replied "I am leaving it with the waitresses tip".

Isn't that the cutest thing?! The tip is in the bear's hand and the flowers have such beautiful detail!

Meet Harvey Simpson of Squeaky Clean Productions. He was ever so gracious in answering all my questions: yes he does private parties, yes he does kids birthdays, yes he showcased at the South Pasadena Farmers Market on Thursdays, yes of course I can take a picture. Even more gracious was his ever so patient dining partner, she said sometimes their kids are not so patient when he does this at the end of dinner as they are ready to go by then, but she too fielded questions from other diners and together they presented a couple of kids with amazing creations. I was too shy to ask the parents of the little boy who got the alien hat to take his picture, just trust me it was out of this world (Ba dum bum). As they were leaving they even presented me with a beautiful springtime daffodil. (my pic didn't come out)

If you are in the So Cal area and decide to hire Harvey for an event, please please please invite me.

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