Tuesday, April 21, 2009

White Cloud

Walmart sent me some products to test and I immediately let the household know.

I wanted to make sure that you get the opinions of more than just me. Funny thing is, I got the exact opposite opinion from two. Kathy liked the fact that the towels were perforated in smaller pieces, while that was what Adam disliked about it.

So maybe getting everyone's opinion is not always the best way. Let's stick with MY opinion. Afterall that's my name on the Masthead up there.

I have to agree with Kathy about the sizing of the paper towels. I like being able to only use a small piece if that is all I need. However, the perforations were tough to separate and were nearly impossible to do with one hand. Carrying a baby around and getting a piece of paper towel turned into quite a process and I ended up grabbing a dish towel instead. When I am not carrying a baby around using these White Cloud Green Earth Ultra-Asorbent Paper Towels live up to their name. I didn't go so far as to stick rival towels in glases of water but on a day to day basis of wipes and swipes they did what I needed them to do.

I also received a package of White Cloud Green Earth Soft Comfort Bathroom Tissue. I put this into the rotation without telling anyone, because really, do you want to know the wiping habits of everyone in my household? Yeah, me neither. What I can tell you is that we have an old sewer system and may times Moe's Plumbing has been here with their snake cleaning us out. I have switched to single ply and am more conscious of how many squares get used. (remember the nuns at St. Gabe's telling us to only use 1 square?)
"White Cloud Green Earth premium tissue products are made with 100% recycled fiber from everyday recyclables such as office paper and magazines".

"It uses 15% less packaging than an equivalent pack. Plus the paper, tube and packaging materials are all recyclable."

Bottom line? These are products I would use. But only if the price were comparable to other brands and probably only if I had a coupon. I love the fact that they are Green and I wish I could afford to be able to pay more for Green products, but that just isn't the case. It is unfortunate in our world that being Green is more expensive, just as eating healthier is also more expensive. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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  1. Eating healthy is not more expensive it is just less tasty. Fruits and vegetables are ridicuously cheap.

    I like the short sheets too, but I do like to tear them one handed, so that would be a big draw back to me.