Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mangerial Responsibility

I just picked up my car from the mechanic.

Short Story? I do NOT recommend AAmco on Colorado in Glendale. I have not had the car back long enough to review them on their actual "work", but their overall customer service is teh suck!

Long Story? Have a seat.

I left you in the saga with me dropping off my car and them telling me it would be almost $3000 to fix. Fine. I was also told that it should be ready Friday but possibly Monday. Fine.

Friday comes, I call and they tell me the transmission is rebuilt but they need to install it and they won't be able to do that until Monday because they don't want to rush it to get it done before closing. But that it will be ready Monday afternoon. Fine.

Monday comes

"Sorry ma'am but we put in the wrong convertor and had to redo the rebuild and now the car won't be ready until Tuesday".

I offered some not nice words that revolved around "Why the fuck didn't anyone call me to let me know this?"

And was offered no response other than, "I didn't realize you were expecting it to be done today, I don't know what someone on Friday told you, I can't be responsible for them."

Me again, "I'm sorry, you're the manager and yet you don't claim responsibility for your employees? You need to lay the responsibility of the entire store at your feet and own up to it."

Him "Ma'am, I was not here n Friday, so I have no idea what was said. It is not my fault you are not satisfied".

I couldn't believe my ears and instead of going off on him with everyone reason why it WAS his fault, I simply hung up.

Today, I arrive at the shop to pick up my car. I expect him to have thought it over and to possibly even be contrite to offer me some compensation for my tribulations. I expect way to much obviously.

I am handed the bill and it is the amount he quoted, I ask for compensation for the extra time, and he offers me a car wash coupon. WTF?!

I am raging inside, I want to make a scene, but I just don't have it in me, I am so flabbergasted that he would justify his actions with a car wash coupon that I am pretty much rendered speechless.

So once again, I implore my local readers to NOT patronize Aamco on Colorado in Glendale. The emotional cost is way higher than the monetary one.
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