Friday, June 27, 2008

Snack Time

My favorite at home snack is Popcorn. Usually doused in butted and then drowned in salt. No one every wants to share my popcorn and I'm quite ok with that.

Recently while at Costco, I came upon a large box of Orvill Redenbacher microwave popcorn on sale and there was a coupon (I love coupons), so I picked it up. When I got home, to my dismay, I noticed it was a variety box. I am not usually big on variety, I like butter popcorn and that's that.

With trepidation I opened the box and the first one out was Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. Um, maybe I can do this, I do love me some black pepper but never would have thought to put it on my popcorn. I popped a bag and warily tasted. YUM! Of course for me it wasn't salty enough but nothing ever is (yes my blood pressure is just fine thank you), but the peppery taste was very nice. It had a sharp bite to it that made you know you were having fresh cracked black pepper.

A few days later, I reached in for another bag and out came Buttery Garlic. I am a great lover of Garlic flavor but on my popcorn? What can they be smokin over there in Orvilleland? I thought what the hell, if I don't like it there is a food drive coming up and I will just donate it. As it was popping I noriced the wonderful scent of garlic coming form my microwave. Not heavy like Italian restaurant but light and enticing. Again after I piled on the salt, I ventured into my first bite. The garlic is subtle enough that you don't really notice it until you finish the entire bag (the bags are all snack size). And it didn't give me the horrible heartburn that garlic usually does.

Both flavors are part of the Naturals line so they are 100% whole grain. Which makes them totally a health food right? Ok except for the salt mines that come on mine.

To enter to win some of this popcorn goodness head on over to From the Land of Monkeys and Princesses to enter her contest.