Monday, June 30, 2008

Special K


My mom always ate Special K. She was never a breakfast person, but when we travelled together she knew that I am a breakfast person, so she would concede to eating Special K. She didn’t eat it to help her lose weight or help her with the pains in her back and legs, she ate it because it tasted good.

I never tried it before and why would I, it is healthy! Well, ok I eat Wheaties and Cheerios and those are healthy, but Special K SOUNDS healthy, so uh, no! What a dummy I was.

The wonderful people over at Vocalpoint sent me a box. I have eaten it every day for a week and it was yummy, go figure. Something can sound healthy, be healthy and even taste good. It was beyond the realm of my imagination. Will it make me slim and trim? Probably not, unless it induces exercise while sitting. Will it make the arthritis go away? Again, probably not. But will it satisfy my need for a good healthy breakfast? Absolutely!

If you would like to enjoy this as well leave me a comment I have 4 coupons for $1.00 ANY Kellogg's Special K product.

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