Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I lost my brush.

If you have hair like mine you know that losing a favorite brush can be drastic. When I was a kid I was compared to Shirley Temple. As a teen it was referred to as a rat's nest. And as an adult it is usually a frizzy mess. I recently cut it short and am happy with the curls that came back from the long frizz. But I still need to brush it once in a while.

I looked online at Goody.com to find a replacement for my long lost brush. Not finding my exact brush I took a chance and emailed the company asking for help. The next day I recevied an email asking for pictures of my brush and offering search assistance. Cool! Could you look under my bed and behind the dresser? Oh! Not that kind of search assistance? OK, I emailed the pics and I could hear the Rep laughing in her reply. "This is a very old brush, I'm certain we no longer carry it". I know it's old, but I love it. The bristles actually go through my hair and detangle it.

She graciously offered to have me look at pictures of their products and she would send me whichever one I chose free. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I eagerly accepted. But when I looked at the pictures nothing appealed to me, everything had plastic nubs instead of bristles! ugh. I replied with my concern and she sent me more choices. Seeing a couple with actual bristles I asked for either of the 2. She sent me both!

The customer service by Goody has been fantabulous. The rep that has been helping me is Mary McKorkle and she has been a doll.

Unfortunately I can't say as much for their products.

The one brush with Bristles (style 88181) boasts that the bristles are 100% Natural Boar, which means they are soft and pliant and instead of going through my hair they flatten when they touch my hair. It claims to be anti-static and good for finishing off a frizzless style, but what I would rather is a tangle free style.

The second brush (style 17135) is a round brush (I have always had an aversion to round brushes, I don't know why), I suppose if someone is to blow dry their hair and take the time to get rid of their curls, then a round brush would be handy, but that's not what I am looking for. I do not blow dry, I do not use product, I wash my hair and walk away. Anyhoo, this round brush has a combination of plastic nubby things and bristles, but again all I want is to get rid of the tangles.

Thankfully during all this back and forth I found my brush and although it is missing a few tufts of bristles it still works better than the others. I will treasure it and hold it close because I don't think I will find another like it for a very long time.