Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Straight No Chaser

A couple of weeks ago Isabel of Alphamom asked if anyone would be interested in a free Holiday CD.

I immediately jumped at the chance. Direct Messages were exchanged and the deal was done. With my stellar memory I swiftly forgot all about it within minutes.
Two days ago the lovely Tina from Send Chocolate blogged about this great Acapella Group that had a viral video on You Tube last year but it was removed when they were signed by a major recording studio. SHe included this great video of them at ta recent Christmas at the White House performance.

I enjoyed it so much I immediately emailed Erika knowing how much she loves Acapella and Christmas Music and here the two together would be a win win.

Monday morning in the mail, what arrives but my cd from Alphamom. It is the same group! I am estatic. I have listened to nothing else since it's arrival. Streisand? done. Bing? nope. Rosie? pah! I have loaded it on my computer and inserted it in my car. I can't get enough.

The group is called Straight No Chaser. They are an acapella group from Indiana University Bloomington, who until this group was formed had no acapella group which is an oddity among major universities.

I realize it is a little late to give you a review for Holiday music, but perhaps you can get it on sale after the holidays and save it for next year. And who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to see another cd from them without holiday music and they can be enjoyed all year long.