Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Toys R Us FTW

2 weeks ago, Marisa and I went to Toys to buy a kitchen and/or a toy box for Caity. I had seen the toy box I wanted earlier but wanted her opinion on the kitchen. We hmmmmmd and hawed about each one until we noticed that one was on sale that day only for almost half price. Bingo! We have a winner. There were 3 tickets in the pouch so we grabbed one and headed to the cashout with our find. (for those unaccostomed to shopping for large items at Toys they use tickets to represent their inventory level, you bring the ticket to the register, pay and pick it up around the back or they bring the item to you.)

The cashier rang up the toy boxand the kitchen then called back to the warehouse to let them know what we needed. As we are waiting for the items to be brought up, she receives word that there are no kitchens available. I immediately ask for a manager. The person that respond to my request (she was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans and did not act in a professional manner, making me question her managerial status), seemed unfased at my concern that there were multiple tickets in the pouch for an item that was out of stock. She tried to tell me that the tickets were not of importance that they were incidental. Um NO! I spent 3 years as a manager of the second largest Toys R Us in Southern California. I know how they run, and how they work their ticket system. Grant it, it has been over 10 years since then, but really, I have also been a faithful customer throughout the years. I dismissed her opinions and asked for the Store Manager's name, the Warehouse manager's name (Warehouse, in my time was in charge of Ticket Desk) and her name (which I found out later she LIED about!). Then I had Marisa go back and pull all the tickets so no one else would have to go through the same thing.

I called the store manager the next day and he was apologetic and told me he would help me find that kitchen for that price, took my name and number and said he would get back to me before the Holiday. Good, I'm happy with that result.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve.......I have not heard a PEEP out of him, so I call and remind him of the situation, he lets me know that kitchen is not available anywhere in So Cal and offers me anything else in the store for 50% off. Again, Marisa and I hightail it over there to finally get a kitchen. FAIL! They have none in stock except for those that are bigger than MY kitchen. One helpful employee mentions that there is a small Disney one in the back that I may be interested in. Show me anything at this point. I like it, Marisa will tolerate it and off we go to the register. I inform the cashier that we are to get 50% off as per Bill and she is questionable (as she should be) so she calls a manager over, GUESS WHO?! Yep, Miss I don't know what my real name is! She says it is already on sale and looks to be thinking of a way to not give me my discount, when another cashier sees me and says "Your the one who called right? Bill told me she gets 50% off whatever the item/price is". Thank you angel cashier.

So for their transgression we were able to buy this beautiful Princess Kitchen which is regularly $69.99 but we paid only $14.99!
The Store Manager Bill Boyd truly understood Customer Service and the Holiday Spirit.
Good on ya Toys R Us. Now do something about the other one please.


  1. Glad it worked out! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. Oh wow! That IS a good story. I cannot believe that other one lied about her name! How rude. I would report her for sure.